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You may be at risk.

Cyber criminals can trick users by creating websites, emails, domains,
etc. that appear to be legitimate.


Disallow unauthorized use of your email domain to protect people from spam, fraud, and phishing.

Increase Customer Confidence
Increase customer confidence

Improve customer confidence by delivering emails straight to their inbox and not spam folders

Improve Delivery
Improve delivery

Use the same modern plumbing that mega companies use to deliver email.

Protect your mailbox from cyber attacks

Softclo recognizes the value of domain security. Right now, your business could be breached and you may not be aware. Protect your domain from cyber attack in the easy to configure, reliable and affordable way that keeps as much functionality as possible while eliminating potential vulnerabilities.

Act upon the risk imposed by lack of domain security

Get expert support so you can better understand what email security protections are in place for your organization and partners.

Pre-sell Questions?
Pre-sell Questions?

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