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Softclo in Manufacturing Industry

Transform your manufacturing from top floor to shop floor – delivering improved customer outcomes with product-as-a-service

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Solution to make you grow from ground to Cloud

Create the sustainable value chains that will feed the world and fuel the future.

Office Productivity
Office Productivity

Equip the workforce with the skills and tools to keep up with digital manufacturing.

Internet Connectivity
Internet Connectivity

Leverage IT and OT to optimize factories and supply chains.

Cloud Infrastructure
Cloud Infrastructure

Innovate with advanced technologies to create a sustainable future.

Learn how manufacturers like you are innovating in new ways to deliver better customer outcomes
Transformative Enterprise Solutions
  • Deliver the solutions that meet shifting technology requirements and enable innovation with our flexible solutions.
  • Connect your locations with our diverse fibre infrastructure that serves as a secure foundation to easily layer on new solutions and applications.
  • Our data centre and connectivity infrastructure assets across West Africa serve the biggest companies in the region and provide in-continent solutions to the world’s biggest enterprises.
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